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Megapixel Mondays! with old (digital) cameras

The next Megapixel Mondays is May 2, 2022!!

The "official" Megapixel Mondays event is the first Monday of every month


Megapixel Mondays is an excuse to pull all the old trashy digital cameras out of your drawers and put them to use! The ones with smeared colors, with floppy disk storage, with over-compressed jpeg artifacts, everything that characterizes those early days of digital sensors.


Because old digital cameras are often regarded as trash and thrown away, when they have a unique aesthetic all their own. Why should film cameras be regarded as the only lo-fi style worthy of praise when digital cameras can make unique images too?

The Rules:

Who came up with this?

This site is maintained by Cara Esten. Originally, the idea to put it together came from this conversation: